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As a working fashion model there are some basic tools you should always have on you when working (meaning on a shoot or going on job interviews, also known as castings, auditions, or go-sees). Although the reality is that you can get by without a lot of this much of the time, having it make you look like a pro. And, you should always be prepared for last minute changes so you can take advantage of every opportunity. Having the right tools on hand when needed will help you to do that.


Your Portfolio

A small stack of your comp cards

(iPad to show digital portfolio/website if applicable)

All necessary directions and contact information for each appointment scheduled**

Bottle of water and small snack

Heels, about 3 inches (nude and black)

Sheer to waist (no control top, no reinforced toe) skin tone and black pantyhose

Thong (skin tone)

Strapless bra (skin tone)

Shaper undergarments may be nice to have

Sheer scarf or zip closure mesh protector hood (to protect garments from getting makeup on them and to keep hair style and makeup from getting messed up while changing during a fitting or photo shoot)

Panty liners (these are used with lingerie and swimwear)

Small mirror

Makeup essentials*

Basic hair styling essentials*

Lint roller

Makeup removal wipes

Double sided tape

Safety pins

Invisible deodorant

Lotion (with all body products, unscented is best, keep in mind some people are very sensitive to scents)

Nail file/basic nail care kit

Basic first aid items such as band aides an aspirin

Toothbrush/dental floss

Small umbrella

External charger/battery pack for your phone/ipad


*If going to a shoot where you will be required to do your own styling you’ll want to bring a more robust version of these kits but for day to day go-sees/fittings enough for a touch up is fine


**I suggest keeping a notebook with this information, not just having it in your phone just in case your phone dies or there is any other technical issue that could prevent you from getting to where you need to be on time.

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Copyright 2020 by All rights reserved.